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HOLIDAY in Vasanello


Vasanello combines the typical warm hospitality with sympathy, always a winning combination in Vasanello. A lovely village of Tuscia, where history and traditions live friendly together with modernity in daily live and merge into a outstanding result which is what tourists meet on holiday in the town.
A beautiful location determined by the agritouristic footprint, climatically very fortunate because of its geographical position, on smooth hills, that gives her fresh summers, Vasanello is also known for the famous monumental Orsini Castle, an ancient piece of the baronial, princely and papal story of Lazio which begins with 1200-1300 in the glorious Renaissance period and lead to the modern age still being a center of art and culture.
Other important points of significant interest and study are: the Etruscan archaeological area, the church of Santa Maria (X cent.), The church of San Salvatore (X cent.) with its massive tower of the XII sec., an architectural jewel in travertine, the church of the Madonna delle Grazie (XIV c.) with his frescoes, commented by the experts as the School of Perugino.
Vasanello enjoys also a favorable location as an hub of crossroads of Central Italy to the major tourist attractions, including Florence, Siena and Tuscany in the north, Rome and Naples in the south, and the charming Umbria on the east. The beautiful Tyrrhenian Sea, with its sandy coasts with rocks and pine forests, is less than one hour away. Vasanello is situated behind the Cimini Mountains, recognized for his copious harvestings of chestnuts and beech woods. For the lovers of healthy and original gastronomy, good food and culinary tradition, every house of Vasanello writes an ancient recipe book in which the protagonists are always the products of the gardens and countryside of Viterbo, which during the many annual festivals will always repeat the success and joy of the lucky food stands made of lights, music and colors in a local folklore.


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