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About us

La "Bassanello Società Cooperativa" was born on 26th of September 2016 from the wish of its founding partners, to offer new job opportunities to the young peoples and in the meantime provide services to private person and public institutions. Actually about 30 people work in the Cooperativa.

Our activities go from the cleaning of public spaces, garden and parks, to activities with disabled and aged people, but since in our team there are a lot of people specialized in tourism, in the last years we started to take care and manage turistic buildings, organise turistic activities and guided visits, then organise holidays, congresses, seminaries, meetings, exhibits and events

- Comune di Viterbo: service of ticket collector at Teatro dell'Unione- Provincia di Roma: turistic welcome
- Comune di Vasanello: organisation of events, cleaning of archeological site, manage public spaces, assistance to disabled people
- Comune di Carbognano: manage green area
- Comune di Gallese: recycling
- Provincia di Viterbo: reading water counters

- Organisation of events with tastings of local products “Oltre il Giardino” and “ Passeggiata di San Lorenzo”
- Organisation of pottery courses

B&B L'Ornello, via Italo Calvino 8 - 01030 Vasanello (Vt) , tel. 0761 409565 , cell. 3384615274 B & B L'Ornello
Agriturismo fra tradizione ed elegante ospitalità a Vasanello

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